[Clear Aligners]

Did you know aligning your teeth and fixing your bite will lower the risk for gum disease and breaking or chipping of teeth? Clear aligners are worn for 20-22 hours a day to gently move the teeth to improve your dental health and your smile. We also offer 6 Month Smiles, a ceramic braces solution with white and clear parts for patients who prefer to correct their bite without having to take the trays in and out, and for the rare patients who are allergic to the clear aligner plastics. Overlapping Teeth or Spaced Teeth can cause food to get easily trapped (especially steak!) and makes it hard for you to clean with floss and toothbrush, and also hard for the hygienist to clean your teeth every 6 months.
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These food traps can cause swollen and bleeding gums and gum disease. Both your floss and your hygienist will appreciate aligning your teeth! Sometimes the teeth are not in the right place, and they could be Colliding instead of Sliding, causing the breaking of teeth as well as receding gums and chipping away of teeth at the gumline. This can also cause sensitivity to hot, cold or sweet foods. Putting the teeth back in the right place will lower the risk of further damage to teeth and gums
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