IV Sedation

Is dental anxiety preventing you from scheduling an appointment with your dentist? If so, you may be a candidate for IV sedation. Our dentist may also recommend IV sedation dentistry if you have involuntary body movement, back or neck pain, sore jaw muscles, or even a high gag reflex. The longer you put off seeing your dentist, the more likely we’ll discover tooth decaygum disease, and other oral health issues. Sleep dentistry is great if you have medical issues preventing you from getting a basic teeth cleaning or sitting in the dentist’s chair for prolonged periods of time. Once you sit in the dentist’s chair, we’ll insert an IV in a vein and start administering sedative drugs. Since our dentist will be able to adjust the level of sedation, you’ll stay comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

Why Choose IV Sedation?
IV sedation is safe because we are able to give you precise amounts of sedative. We’re also able to give you a reversal agent if we need to stop the procedure. 

Since you’ll be unconscious for the procedure, you may feel groggy and disoriented when you wake up. For this reason, you’ll need to arrange for someone to drive you home after the procedure.

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