Oral Sedation

Relaxing during your next dentist appointment could be as easy as taking a pill.

If you have dental anxiety, oral sedation can help you get the dental care you need to maintain a healthy smile. Oral sedation is not the same as sleep dentistry because you will still be awake for the procedure. While pill sedation puts you in a deeply relaxed state, you’ll still be able to cooperate with your dentist.

Benefits Of Oral Sedation
Most patients who undergo conscious sedation don’t remember their procedures. This is great if your fear of the dentist has prevented you from getting treatment in the past. Even if you don’t have a fear of the dentistconscious sedation can help patients with involuntary body movement, back or neck pain, sore jaw muscles, or even high gag reflex.

You will be instructed to take your pill an hour before your appointment. While oral sedation won’t put you to sleep, it can make you feel drowsy. For your safety, make sure you have someone drive you to and from our dentist office.

TruSmile team are dedicated to helping you get the dental care you need by offering sedation dentistry services. To schedule an appointment with our TruSmile dentist, contact us.

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